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Mucho User CartersBird
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Professional beater of geriatric women.
Member since August 8, 2017
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Comments by CartersBird

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Aaaa ooooga!
on Share The Road
Bet that tastes like bleach.
on Good Vibrations
Also niggers.
on Tattooed cunts's cheeky fart
Kind of sucks the only guy brave enough to stand up to the crackhead got his ass kicked for it. That's why people keep their heads down. We aren't brave or tough and drugs are awesome.
on Good Samaritan Gets a Beatdown
CamelCasingMakesThingsEasyToRead, so it's just a courtesy.
on Tiller death do we part
on Tiller death do we part
Way to go MyMickJerksHisPenisDragon.
on Tiller death do we part
A nigger could dunk from that distance.
on Above the Rim
I can't tell if they're super drunk or just sub-90 IQ skeletons raised in a city with bad air quality.
on Piling On
Air Mud.
on Above the Rim
on name that body part/animal
Oh man.
on Angry chick knock out beta male cunt
Not the catchiest nickname.
on Legless cunt tackled
That'll do it.
on Oster Huffs Spray Paint - Aftermath
9 lives to live, 9 loaves to give.
on cute
+1 team shit
on cute
Poor Cheesemo.
on Another one bites the dust
on Logged
Probably Bono, he accepts rimming in lieu of PayPal.
on Logged
Hello, MightToes.
on Logged
I spent this whole video just hoping it would show its mangina.
on Twenty First Century Problems
This is true. Bees can survive like 1 degree hotter and somehow they know that.
on DrGiggles picking a fight with a single Muchoer
But that draws out the Dindus.
on Tell My Family That I Love Them
Cindy Lou Jiggaboo.
on Release All The Sounds Trapped in Your Mind
He gobbles it.
on Wiggle's back
God this is sad. I think.
on Wiggle's back
Paradise reference?
on fruit salad
Where do I get some of those boxers?
on Man's arse wrecked
It would bring her into my heart.
on Champagne fountain
on What is that?
A stock photo featuring a non nude tranny...
on What is that?
So did the girlfriend know what he was about to do or..?
on Come on Nick
Cite your Muslim heritage, they'll let you go.
on High class advertising targets
He is 100% self aware.
on My Kind Of Girl
Kind of a weird dynamic here... 20 upvotes and no comments. I guess what I'm saying is: First.
on He didn't wanna do that brother
Or desperate.
on German Suplexes
I forgot to check in... did Oster ever beat you at Word Womp, TR?
on Word Scramble
Glando lives the life though.
on Thatdude420
on Thatdude420
on The Mariner's Revenge
Yeah, you god damn ... user:CartersBird Googles ... Irish Halloween dancers?
on The Mariner's Revenge
on Thatdude420
Spine, Lither, Ginger, Subtext
on Word Scramble
Day Care*
on Decoy didn't work
Try Googling anything. Polaroid news, Polaroid spelling...
on TR_Squad
I read something about them not making true polaroid (stop spelling it that way assfuck) film anymore. I doubt what you buy at WaldoWorld would match a camera from the 80's.
on TR_Squad
Oh, right. So just go down to Goodwill and pick up an undated polaroid of someone's cock and balls.
on TR_Squad
I don't think that's how stamps work...
on TR_Squad
Who doesn't?
on Why is it fucking tilted?
I don't understand what is happening.
on TR_Squad
That's like filling an asphalt pothole with cow shit.
on Jewligans
on Rooster65 Walk of Shame 2019
Is that the condition?
on Why is it fucking tilted?
Eesh. This TR vs Oster boring-off (plus shirtlessness) is going to be close.
on Why is it fucking tilted?
When I click it, it is oriented correctly: https://images.muchozucko.com/65236107019-1546413661757-83315120190102_021219.jpg And you look much more alien right-side-up.
on Why is it fucking tilted?
Looks like a French cartoon.
on Mucho Mad Lads - Mark Heffron
This thread raised my IQ by 15 points.
on iTS MaM!!!
The video plays fine if that's what you're asking. But my back end is black, yes.
on corn
er... icorn.
on corn
The icon.
on corn
G Spot Jones is probably already a porn name.
on Don't Get It On My Shirt
Sometimes I wonder how long it will be until Barrno implodes and MZ is forced to find a new power couple. Freddy G / THJ who says no?
on Don't Get It On My Shirt
Stop abusing Freak Porn... it's the 2nd best category on this site.
on Primates 1987
on Vaping is so relaxing
on Gas The Jews
That guy who taught his dog a racist joke got fined and taken out of court.
on Vaping is so relaxing
Maybe not in Norwayistan, but in England.
on Vaping is so relaxing
I heard ya.
on Nigger's deepest secret
Thumbnail got me. I actually wanted to see a fat bitch.
on Husky Bitch cries when told to get out of bed
on Fun for the whole family
This bitch ruined Netflix. You can't even leave a comment review anymore.
on Its Always Pretty Funny
Yes you do...
on Kiss your Grandmother
No one shuts the fuck up about ladyboys.
on Merry Birthday Jeebus
I was about to screech something about a repost. Good lookin' out old man.
on Voice of America interviews the UUoodster
on Merry Christmas mother fuckers
Even when he trolls it's not funny for anyone but him. What a letdown. I was looking forward to having Squidley fill in the blanks about those DrGiggles stories.
on Interfacing with Punkybot
What part of you do I have to pull to get nog?
on Scary ghost
Analysts say "Snap" symbol is an alt-right dogwhistle, more at 11.
on Buttball
They have bleach for that...
on JordanSimms at Pottery Class
Teamwork makes the dream work.
on Uric acid buildup... this is how they fix Gout
Excellent N Word comment. I'll let this one slide. It does look like a nugget.
on My Dick That Time The Rubber Broke
IMO it's better when it's chilled. Hot nog is for soupy dumbshits who only drink it to get into the Christmas spirit.
on Niggas really do make funny reaction videos
Pineapple juice. It's no secret...
on THJ on Facebook
on Anal Seal
Lift more.
on MuchoZucko character alignment chart
Grow a beard now and become a wizard.
on MuchoZucko character alignment chart
You're picking the last nuggets of wisdom outta that brain, pace yourself.
on Hold me closer tiny dancer
Is this the video that fucking meme is originally from?
on Niggas really do make funny reaction videos
Young Zucko was weird.
on Gigantic synthol filled penis
I always preferred Kung Lao myself. Razorhat and infinite dropkicks were the shit.
on Carnival Fish Bag
on Hold me closer tiny dancer
on Buggering
Thanks for making a funny face.
on MD and Schwarzenegger Drag Out Togevs ??
Jail* And then hell.
on You are... forgiven.
Only if it looks gross. I dunno... make a funny face. Drop your pants. Throw a pie.
on MD and Schwarzenegger Drag Out Togevs ??
He likes the lower half of Giggles, which is the smarter half, based on production.
on Buggering
on MD and Schwarzenegger Drag Out Togevs ??
Septum? Never heard of em.
on the benefits of inbreeding
Good. Squirrels are just the Elves of Rats.
on Cannibal Squirrel