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Mucho User CartersBird
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Professional beater of geriatric women.
Member since August 8, 2017
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Comments by CartersBird

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Took you long enough, boozer.
on Fuck the Police Training Grounds
Now tell us how you'd have sex with that comment. How you'd give it your ass.
on Upset Stomach
My dick is paying attention.
on Fleshlight....now new and improved
But then yes.
on Made Some Room
on Apparently just a friendly fight
Fun username at least.
on Headlights
on I got a girl named Bony Moronie.
+1 team pus... since you forgot.
on Nice zit.
Jesus Cunthunting Christ, I sure hope that butcher used painkillers before stretching out that guy's backpussy and drowning it in peroxide.
on Nice zit.
Relatively easy. Just had diarrhea.
on Seagull
That traps are gay.
on Heterosexual test
Alexa, play the Jive Turkey song.
on Wednesday Faggot of The Week
Petition to make Team Piss real.
on How about dis one?
I didn't know the Yankees were so popular in that shithole.
on Folks don't like it when you shoot David Ortiz
When I'm God Emperor of the Earth, my secret service will be nothing but this, except they'll also wear cat ears and have those weird ballerina foot wraps.
on Would
Nature is wet :(
on ....and what have they done to the rain?
The greater good.
on Parents leave graduation early
Maybe stop drinking and driving and then god will exist too.
on Jesus H Fucking Christ
Thanksgiving can't get here soon enough.
on What really happened to MD
Kakarot and Vegeta never looked better.
on DragonBall Z
Mick is a fucking alpha dreamboat.
on My Nigger...
user:T0llb00thwillie writes a 79 cent check for an avocado.
on My Nigger...
Now this is soft wordplay done well... Bamford, you rat fuck.
on Ha Ha Ha
Is this real?
on Ha Ha Ha
How dare we populate the same website. GTFO nigger.
on Father's lover from a psychiatric hospital
Is this what you've been reduced to? Bamford? Bamford the what? Bamford the fucking nothing. I remember when you had venom. You were poison. You were toxic. You were a dirty bomb of inhumane savagery.…
on Father's lover from a psychiatric hospital
Why did that make me lol so hard? I guess the detail. The pose. Someone spent mad time on this.
on Something for UUDOODY
You shame our kind.
on Something for UUDOODY
Post your cock bro, let's cumpare.
on Incredible feat of dexterity
Him saying anything only means he can still breathe.
on My Nigger...
Fuck you Cheesemo.
on Sculpture
on Sculpture
Like we needed a video for confirmation.
on Incredible feat of dexterity
on Something the whole family can enjoy
Thanks for the gold, kind stranger.
on When you're so fat
Your pic is so... well I'd like it if it was ironic.
on City folks
You tell 'em Redderum.
on When you're so fat
It's an abomination...
on He tells people he's model
I feel like reply #64000 should have been better.
on Road Kill Cantina!
You're alive? Dang it...
on I Ain't Goin Out Like that
Good. Cumford would be happy.
on I Ain't Goin Out Like that
Shut up memefag.
on Road Kill Cantina!
How can you through all the scabs?
on Severum and Freeeggs......take note of the technique.
I barely understand Rooster anymore but it looks like he's having fun, and that's nice.
on My Name is Rooster Montya! You killed my Father! Prepare to die!
What song is that?
on Corner Pocket Trick Shot
Wait for the Revenge of the Fifth...
on Cinco De Mayo
Fries is a faggot.
on ima count to 3
Yeah what he said.
on The capture of an overly friendly Beluga whale has triggered new speculations about a sea mammal special operations program that the Russian navy is believed to have pursued for years.
That being said. What's the backstory on this?
on Everyone Dig In
Prove it with research, Giggles. God, it's like talking to a wall. Think before you comment god damn you.
on Everyone Dig In
I recognize some of those words.
on Faggot Representative
Did you not have that as your profile photo...
on Tree Pun
Fake no sign.
on Never
Oh right, your site erases HTML. Dipshit.
on So Ti got his throat slit
<Very little Fred>
on So Ti got his throat slit
He's not running from the law, he's running from himself.
on It’s thursday
I can't tell if he's 13 or one of those Andy Milonauckus (sp?) 26 year olds.
on kid has his shit together
He was on tonight, that prick.
on Jrob's B-Hole Tuesday Extravaganza
Not gonna cumplain about that one?
on HypnoVag
It's not.
on HypnoVag
Don't stop him.
on HypnoVag
Feliz cumpleaños*
on HypnoVag
Do it...
on It’s thursday
Don't stuff when his comments are actually not bad..
on Fat pig
He toad jew!
on Hetodeju
on 3.14159
Funny most of them smile. I'd knock the fuck out of any bitch who tried this on me.
on No Pants
Stop posting gay bullshit then. Although for you I imagine it's like breathing.
on Frenetic compilation
on A use for all that extra ball sack skin
I mean, metaphorically...
on A use for all that extra ball sack skin
on A use for all that extra ball sack skin
Tell him to post his tits.
on The Adventures of THJ part II
on I have Mucho Mail
The ol' Tangelo Tango. I know it well. Puerto Ricans are just a flavor of Mexican.
on Tell me doc, is it bad?
I will have to bookmark this for later. 20 minutes of fuckdom is a bit much.
on bobb yyeah
Barret you spend too much time on FB. It's too extreme.
on Refreshing
on Refreshing
Doesn't look broken to me!
on Refreshing
It's San Francisco.
on 20lbs bag of wet shit left on a street corner in San Francisco
I knew it was coming and I still like it.
on Various Cunts
Non-ironically good.
on Here We Are
You got a permit for that comment license?
on "Reverse" Rape Punishment
If you ask me, Vet is too easy. People can get in for a week or two of shitposting. We need a new rank, SuperZucker.
on FlashGordon Going To Pram
Just proof that he's losing his touch. Old age gets us all in the end...
on If you're happy and you know it......
Remember back when this place was new? Giggles could kill it for 12 hours.
on If you're happy and you know it......
You wouldn't know them, they don't go to this school.
on FlashGordon Going To Pram
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
Although on second watch, his hand is covered in blood? WTF?
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
I always wait for the person in these types of videos to cut too close to the skin and take off a chunk. Never happens.
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
Hi Rooster, how was the bender?
on I'm back
I have dear, dear friends who are Zuckers, sir, and your comments offend me.
on FlashGordon Going To Pram
Press it harder Truc, I believe in you!
on FlashGordon Going To Pram
How about now.
on Filled To The Brim !
Longest time between comments?
on Filled To The Brim !
Mine didn't. There were conditions.
on Giggle's Mom Runs Out of Toilet Paper
Barret seems to have lots of bum clots.
on Giggle's Mom Runs Out of Toilet Paper
Coca.... cola...
on Actual Footage of Barret Dancing IRL
Carters...Bird... hammercock
on Actual Footage of Barret Dancing IRL