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Mucho User UUoody
8180 Rep

Older than dirt....but not dead yet.
Member since August 14, 2017
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Comments by UUoody

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Damn!.....not even a pretty face.
on Where Mako has been
And proud of it: Do A Handstand Pull It Out Rub It Up And Down Squeeze The End ’Til Its Red Like A Fucking Clowns Nose Pull It Off Until It Blows Until Everybody Knows That You Know …
on Just how lazy do you want to be?
on Who does what to whom?
Yeah......how about more tits
on Loneliness
Lavender oil...so they tell me https://i.imgur.com/cbRCg5H.jpg
on Go for it Britain!
on Will it work?
Up her ass would get my vote, but this not so much. Piggles fail
on She Swallowed A Melon Whole !
They have left that to our imaginations....but I assume that she is his daughter.
on Apparently in some countries the KKK has a sense of humor.
"Makes you hot, doesn't it?" https://i.imgur.com/Qna3hSL.jpg
on Clowns to the left of me.................
Those are going to flounder if they don't get in some water soon....just sayin'.
on Good morning ladies...
I used to just ride my motorcycle......back when guys were proud of their drunk riding abilities. If it was a nice night I'd just ride until I was sober.
on Wakeup call
A big mutha fuckin' gun and lots of antibiotics, antivirals and Marvin Acme's leak-proof condoms.
on A'reyalneesha
Look at the brain on Simms! :)
on Saving face not an option
Yeah.....I need more balls.
on Mother said there'll be days like this.
Have to....I'm retired....she works.
on Mrs. UUoody in my favorite chair
His life flashed before his eyes.....along with the 19th floor, 18th floor..........1st floor.
on Selfie fagggot screws the pooch
When does the dildo cycle start?
on The Latest In Calorie Saving Technology
Waaaa.....I don't get enough up votes. Suck it up, cream puff. https://i.imgur.com/FN5qdXx.jpg
on Extreme Eyebrow Removal
It is correct https://youtu.be/jQzI3k39Cfw
on Have you gone berserk ? Can't you see that man is a ni
Ya think?!
on Have you gone berserk ? Can't you see that man is a ni
These must be the people who voted for Trump
on Please God let this work
Well, "Al".......firstly let me say fuck you. Then I think you meant to say "with" zero hesitation, so I guess that you, at the very least, qualify for choice #4.
on Happy 5th of July
She gonna' clog the filter , too.
on Fat shaming
Hey!.....It's Mike Pence! https://i.imgur.com/mC1I81V.jpg
on Fun Bags
Classic black on white violence.
on Me When I See FatMoFat In Chat
on Chong Chu Theu Sie
on Actual footage of THJ after the Giggles ass pic
It has two L's....dill weed
on Sticks and stones may break my bones....
I know how to design things using a slide rule, also.
on Giggles trying to catch the one
on Giggles trying to catch the one
....do as the Taiwanese do
on Let's make a deal
Next up.....MD hits 10000. Welcome to the adults table Rooster
on Fuck the Police Training Grounds
on Fleshlight....now new and improved
You do know that, with very few exceptions, all our posts her come from some other place on the internet.
on Fleshlight....now new and improved
If you could find a woman to have sex with you, you would know.....but not much chance of that happening.
on Fleshlight....now new and improved
Needs more cow Bell.... around her neck.
on Drum Cover
He's not getting laid later...........
on Upset Stomach
+1 team puke
on Sloppy Kisses
What have they done to my favorite: "Ode To Joy"? Here's a slightly less pukey version: https://muchozucko.com/1518/-Ode-To-Joy-Flash-mob
on Sloppy Kisses
That's like a road sign that says: Dark When Night....or befitting her one that says: Slippery When Wet.
on Nasty Bitch
Pot------> kettle-------> black https://youtu.be/t8zhp699FXg
on Topping up the tan
Hell, boy! Sometimes you show some smarts. Now shut the fuck up.
on He just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in
Runs batted in = RBI.....not RBIs Miles per Hour = MPH....not MPHs. Mathematics = Math....not maths Fuck you
on Topping up the tan
We gain MD back....Rep 9622 We lose TBW....Rep 143 Do the math. Welcome back
on Topping up the tan
You're at 1010 Rep now................. https://i.imgur.com/nrl7dWZ.jpg
on Wildcat let loose in college class
Biology class.......they'll be dissecting it later.
on Wildcat let loose in college class
Puff puff pass, man.
on Nice Peanuts
Shoop?...............I'm no expert, but something looks fishy there in the area that is usually reserved for smelling fishy.
on Friday Night Funbags
That had all the emotion and zest of a pap smear exam. He could have saved the $5 by slamming his cock in the car door. Just sayin'.
on I knew we had pervy spy. Didn't know we had GO GO GADGET 18 wheelers.
From reading above I conclude that Giggles is just Bono alt.
on Heterosexual test
Nice avatar.....third world irrigation pump
on Nice Peanuts
Sure, cute elephants get away with that, but when I do it I get arrested and my name add the the sex offender registry.
on Nice Peanuts
At least she's not a double wide.
on THJ.. Am so proud of your mobile home.
Yeah....keeps her asshole from slamming shut.
on Beauty is only skin deep.....what's on the inside is more important
Pegging = useful....way to go!
on I got a girl named Bony Moronie.
Tigeriger shuddered, As he went to the cupboard, To get his new misses a bone. When he bent over, The misses took over, And gave him a bone of her own.
on I got a girl named Bony Moronie.
Stupid pole didn't even try to help
on Don't stop baleeding
My comment was intended to shit on Piggles.....you're OK. "I still like you. Gonna take a lot to love you again".....the exact words my first wife used when she left me. :)
on Heterosexual test
Wow!.....the hills are alive
on Heterosexual test
There are no fakes on the internet....we all know that.
on Two Tuesday dogs
Everyone here has the potential to know nearly everything....it's called a search engine......but some are too lazy to look up things they don't know. The internet is the biggest tool in the history …
on Heterosexual test
Did you also see and conquer?
on She is wreaking her car.
Oh dear.....there's trouble at the old adobe hacienda.....all non English langues sound like Spanish to me.
on She is wreaking her car.
It's OK....denial is a common reaction.
on Giggles's squirt gun fights probably sucked.
I plagiarized it. My sister does the women's drum circle thing....she's the weird one in the family. I'm the kinky one and my brother just knows how to make money.....how dull.
on Just say no to drugs
I noticed......Ad infinitum
on Heterosexual test
Great, now I have that dumb song in my head: It's and ass, A female ass. Ray a drop of golden sun, Me a name I call my self, Far, a long way to run
on Heterosexual test
Gee, Piggles, thanks for clearing that up.
on Heterosexual test
That fence belongs to Noah....but no offence taken.
on Built Ford Tough
Not me, my friend. I have way more arthritis in my fingers. Who then, he asked?
on Two Tuesday dogs
....a lot of men didn't, a lot of men died.... of embarrassment
on Two Tuesday dogs
He left in D for dying.....should have used P for prosper
on Built Ford Tough
Dreams tell you what you really know about something, what you really feel. They point you toward what you need for growth, integration, expression, and the health of your relationships to person, pla…
on Just say no to drugs
Looks more like very well done photo shop....just sayin'.
on Two Tuesday dogs
Slutty is always good
on Two Tuesday dogs
+1 team pus
on Giggles's squirt gun fights probably sucked.
One Cherokee Warrior https://i.imgur.com/e2vq8cG.jpg
on One Sami Warrior
Only the top row has anything close to clean air....everyone else gets low tide near the sardine cannery
on Best I can make of this, is some kinda competitive nekid chick thing.
Destruction Vehicle Do Not Follow
on Your going the wrong way
prepare for the repost walk of shame. :) https://muchozucko.com/1563/Likes-the-taste-of-shit-and-ass-
on Ass to Mouth
on The trials and tribulations of the cab driver
Barrtet's right https://i.imgur.com/Z0JbZ7G.jpg
on Two Tuesday dogs
on Two Tuesday dogs
They can run bur they can't deride
on Two Tuesday dogs
Yet dog fighting is a cruel sport....go figure.
on Bad News Everyone!!
Gutenberg would be proud
on Autographs
That's right....you always do the very least. The father away the better.
on Giggles celebrates father's day with his first born
I guess the acting lessons were a complete waste of money.
on Wish list
on My Heart
"Advanced directives" come to mind
on My Heart
Conversely, can we trust a man with a woman's hair style? https://i.imgur.com/jcIXJfR.jpg
on City bitch
Real bikers don't run for cover when it starts raining.....nor do we stop the bike to puke. Just sayin'.
on When The Weather Is Being Gay
That there is one cold bitch....celebrating the fourth of July in Maine.
on How about dis one?
We ticket for littering in Maine also. https://youtu.be/HnWy3Eh352w
on Not Guilty
She was when I dated her
on In your face
Wrong.....Charlie says "Love my Good and Plenty" https://youtu.be/ExSlyoVTX3I
on Stay safe people
How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a cunt can do!
on Adult Swing
My bad https://muchozucko.com/3116/Determined-to-Die
on "Overkill"
New meaning to choking the chicken.
on What's this song called?
Back story https://www.oldworld.ws/chickenhistory.html
on What's this song called?