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Mucho User UUoody
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Older than dirt....but not dead yet.
Member since August 14, 2017
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Comments by UUoody

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Let's pitch it to The Nature Channel
on Poutine man is back
At twenty-five cents a pop, that's a lot of blow jobs.
on Actual Footage of FredGspotSandford Working
My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.
on Not a great looker, but up for almost anything.
Key West
on The Easther Bunny
Trucking is a lonely life, isn't it.
on y-y-yes trucker-sama, drink me
on Balls deep
Well yeah! It in the Girlfriend-to-Wive Conversion Handbook.
on Balls deep
And god is on HIS side?
on Every Rose has it thorn
Search the thicket!
on Need a toothpick
That's Bill Clinton not inhaling.
on Happy 420
Oh, come on. I mean, does he look like the sort of chap who'd creep into a camp at night, steal into someone's tent, anesthetize them, tissue-type them, amputate a leg, and run away with it?
on Need a toothpick
Looks like my friend Aretha
on Christmas in April
Perhaps if they were hard boiled.......
on If you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs
Shit.....make that *gold
on When you truly don't give a fuck what people think.....
When it becomes an Olympic sport, you are in line for the gole.
on When you truly don't give a fuck what people think.....
The fries look alike................... https://youtu.be/quhCXcHjMp0
on The Adventures of THJ
Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. Or is it just a fucking Dagger of the mind, a false creation, Proceeding from the…
on Tell me doc, is it bad?
Well he did wish for a cock gobbler
on The Adventures of THJ
OK, I know......we birds piss and poop out of the same hole.
on Refreshing
Just so I get a clear picture of what you call normal, you piss out your ass hole? :)
on Refreshing
I can fix that plumbing problem for ya.
on Refreshing
I had to look it up....I had no idea what it was. "A drug house, also known as a trap house, bando, jugg house, or crack house, is a building where drug dealers and drug users buy, sell, produce, a…
on What you see when you walk into the trap house
But the sofa cushion has a zip off cover so it can be put thru the washing machine.....so they have that going for them.
on What you see when you walk into the trap house
Why do we try so hard to prevent fatal overdoses?.....what a fuckin' useless wart on the ass of society.
on What you see when you walk into the trap house
Well.....that just sucks the fun out of it! I'll bet that five minutes after you enter a party there is no oxygen in the room.
on Shake Dat Azz
Perhaps she thought she was at Jiffy Johns ........ https://i.imgur.com/qhJP7Zx.jpg
What are the odds......another 300 lb bag of wet shit left on a street corner in San Francisco. Something smells not quite right.
I think that bag of wet shit on the right might weigh a tad more than 20 pounds.
on Lap dance.....crap dance
Plug-in cord (above the stove) going into the ceiling space is a code violation where I live. Otherwise it's all good.
on Shake Dat Azz
The back story................... https://nypost.com/2018/07/03/20-pounds-of-poop-dumped-on-city-sidewalk/
on 20lbs bag of wet shit left on a street corner in San Francisco
Seen.....in your dreams, perhaps.
on New Aquatic Species Photographed Off The Coast Of Cornwall
Jibe ho! Around here we call that a South Boston Jibe.
on Looney Tunes Moment
From "Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders"
on Redeeming social merit?......not a chance!
Oh Honey!.....she was a big help.
on Actual footage of how UUoody ended up in the wheelchair
Me, part of the red team in the front row getting ready to stuff my lunch money in a g-string.
on Elementary School Entertainment
She was likely driven to suicide by that horrible brick pattern.
on She Asked For It
And I thought a Prince Albert was extreme!
on Guy Walks Into a Bar
.....So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly....hills that is.
on Ain't That The Pits
on Leave no hole in fucked
Ha!.....She hasn't done a push-up in her entire life.
on Super FUPA....Terrible Tits
Sorry....no line item veto. I bet you really like those panties made from a WW2 RAF parachute.
on Super FUPA....Terrible Tits
That's what comes form transplanting pubic hair.
on CHIA Head
If the Foo shits, wear it.
on Penguin's don't need a DNA test
My guess if that it is some kind of a snake.......Native to England and of the species Giggleius Anus Horribilis
on Little
Damn if we don't have it all.....we be the best!
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
Something's missing https://i.imgur.com/uP0pU4Q.jpg
on Countdown to Blast Off
Don't be a pussy....feed it to the dog and post it here.
on How to remove the rind from the cheese
They aren't really missed, you know.
on Then, shalt thou count to five. No more. No less. Five shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be five. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to five. Two is right out.
Look out there, little girl! https://i.imgur.com/5dtsDbz.jpg
on Never stand in a red circle
Your loss
on Something for Everyone
Tuck Shop Joy Stixx Perey Pig Sweets Tongue Painter Lollies Shrimps and Bananas.....what ever the fuck they are
on Dropping that candy
@ KA69......You mean I have been doing it wrong all this time? BTW..... Parul Agarwal MD, assistant professor of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, University of Wisconsin: Drinking your own urine…
on Dropping that candy
Multitasking at its best.
on I Wanna Hold Your Haaaaand
on Taking a Rest
on Meant To Die
I used quotation marks, you dumb ass. .....and it came from https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=587_1489504395
on Meat Market
I need to get a mouse pad like that.
on Taking a Rest
Don't get in the ambulance!
on I Wanna Hold Your Haaaaand
He's a self-solving problem....we need more of those.
on Sagging Stabber
There's an ambulance driver who would be perfect for her....a match made in heaven.
on A Family Affair
Really! If you are going to get hit by a speeding train, perfect ligament isn't all that necessary.
on Meant To Die
The back story: "Feeding dead bodies to Vultures in Tibet The Tibetan 'sky burials' are practiced by some Buddhist Tibetans and Mongolians. The bodies of deceased people are chopped up and offered…
on Meat Market
+1 team puke
on Real Tits
Well it's normal for the likes of us
on Barret gets his groove on
If I could do that I'd never leave the house.
on Is this Rita Ora?
I heard that you suck on the skin flute.
on Guitar Lessons With Bubbles - Liquor and Whores
Anticipation ......it's better than Christmas https://youtu.be/wlwnbcxBuzI
on Terrible tit tease
Now giggles when checking out guys, First takes a look at the eyes. A quick look at the crotch, Is it bulging or not, Then on to the ass hips and thighs.
on Roasted
That's just my dad saying hi.
on Handsfree Trannygasms
Uh, they did it for a lark. Part of a spree. High spirits, you know. Simple as that. No, no. No. No, no Well, actually, they're on a mission for British Intelligence. There's a pro-Tsarists…
on Black-balled from the yacht club
They are working out this problem from their statistics and probability class: Each of 2 balls is painted either black or gold and then placed in an urn. Suppose that each ball is colored black wi…
on Black-balled from the yacht club
Leaves ya feeling kinda empty, don't it. Sort of like getting a wicked leg cramp while fapping.
on Terrible tit tease
Leave the rhymes to us pros
on Man wants to fart but shits
Photos please
on Here's Your Hot Dog Man
Dude knows how to hang....but not with his homies.
on But Your'e Staring At Me Like I, Like I'm Driving the Nails, Nails
Yeah.....like who hasn't had that happen. In fact it was the reason for the British Admiralty's hat choice. https://i.imgur.com/6VjsXDU.jpg
on Man Gets Head Stuck In Elephants Ass
Tube steak....it's what's for dinner. https://i.imgur.com/zcqOsS7.jpg
on Here's Your Hot Dog Man
You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. And you can't light a fart when it's really a turd.
on Man wants to fart but shits
Sadly no.....she got everything
on Today In Mental Illness
The bald chick looks like my first wife....same tits, but without the heel bone spurs.
on Today In Mental Illness
Had the internet seen you first, we wouldn't have it today.
on She's a keeper
*it's.....just sayin'.
on She's a keeper
Flash?....what's with the stutter?
on She's a keeper
She could get MY balls into second gear.
on She's a keeper
Just some b-bitches running a mammarathon
on Million Mammary March
....and they don't want to be treated as sex objects. Sheeesh
on Million Mammary March
Repost https://muchozucko.com/102/Perpetual-motion-poop-machine
on Million Mammary March
Holy shit!......Frank Purdue and Ed Koch have a love child.. Who knew. https://i.imgur.com/k0wEkwn.jpg
on R.I.P TsimFuckis
But it does look like David Attenborough https://i.imgur.com/95766Am.jpg
on Barret waiting for Giggles
Giggles asked: "how can this be gay ? " Let's see if I can work it out for you. One of these guys is a woman who had her tits cut off and took a bunch of pills because she really wants to be a man. …
on This is just for Bamford
They all look to be well fed.....so they have that going for them.
on Braid Gang, Nigga!
Geezer has himself a Viagra smile.....you go gramps!
on Barret waiting for Giggles
Don't take a-fence, giggles....but you suck.
on Actual footage of Giggles riding scooter
A sure sign of graft and corruption.
on I was warned
Where does the popcorn come out?
on the Dr's ped @ John O'Groats
Nice 50 cc mosquito control device. https://youtu.be/VKK25QjIAv8
on the Dr's ped @ John O'Groats
Those lobsters are way too small.....throw'em back. https://i.imgur.com/bQKDQDs.jpg
on More Than a Handful
Mr Bean goes to the big city.
on The Running Ipman
It's more likely that she kicked her own evil spawn....kind of a "not now, mommy's busy....the adults are talking".
on Bad Muchachas
You need to stop feeding the dog turkey shit....just sayin'.
on Worms