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Mucho User CUNT
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I'm a cunt. You're a cunt. We're all a bunch of cunts.
Member since August 27, 2018
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Comments by CUNT

Page 2
on Murdering hot Norwegian
on Enjoying a meal
But at least he's got a big smile on his fave
on Enjoying a meal
I'd prefer to be dead TBH
on Enjoying a meal
Put me off my sausages
on The wife and her V-day present
Clearly suicide
on Did he/she died?
Well solved Sherlock. What's next world peace?
on Camgirl Too Extreme
Yes... I've just released this is a repost. I'll get my coat...
on Female handyman
Fuck... just saw this after my repost
on My Favorite Tradie
She's not the sharpest knife in the draw
on Pussy Pipe
+ upvote for awesomeness
on Not DrPiggles
You'd get a lot more interest in motor cycling tv racing if competitiors looked like this
on Not DrPiggles
That's not going to end badly is it.
on Guns with style
Hopefully this explanation will satisfy Giggles
on Execution
This is why I don't speed board down mountain roads. That and I'm a fat cunt who can't board.
on broke when he should've braked
That thousand yard stare...
on Cuckold Session Not Her Idea
Wuss. Everyone knows it's unleaded for hos and diesel for bros
on Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire, Give Me That Which I Desire !!
Not a fan of this
on Better Than Taco
Cool SFX.
on Workplace Safety Video 1998
+1 team USA
on That's A Lot Of Vomit
+1 team sick
on That's A Lot Of Vomit
+1 team vomit
on That's A Lot Of Vomit
a sub for everyone
on People having a shitty day
Like a Slavic ballet
on Had Enough Of The Fucking In Laws
on Please pass the jelly
Good job the film crew was there else I'd think this was staged
on Just another day at the beach for this poor bastard
The old Irish car wash. Classic.
on Belfast
FUBAR. Deserved
on Here come old flat top, He come groovin' up slowly
Aquaplane level: dumb fuck
on Another dumb shit
What you do after reading one of Giggles’ subs
on It'll be close, but you'll make it.
Stupid place to put a zip
on Amateur Labioplasty
Pro tip: don't take a helicopter in the fog
on Finally media gets it right
Amazing what Viagra can do
on Dr.Giggles The Horror Porn - Full Video
I'm downvoting... not for the low effort sub, but the fact this reminds me of my own moobs
on Who else is lopsided?
But she wasn't on fire?
on Bird on a wire....lands in a crotch
You can have it
on Groid Moves
Dennis from IASIP on a bad hair day
on Confession time with FHRITP #2
Dumb fuck
on Trimming the Fat
This music sucks
on Drown In Sulphur
Indian tig. Ghetto style
on Indian's Spring Batting Practice
Shudda gone to McDonalds
on Metal or wood bat?
Mr T ain't getting on no plane sucka!
on A little off the top
Tis a mere flesh wound
on Say Sonething
This is what happens when you take two bottles into the shower
on Protein Carrier
Woot yay. Let's cheer him and do fuck all
on JebusbCalls Him Home
Poor cow. At least it's got being minced into burgers to look forward to
on It's Cow Pus Time Again
The cunt needs a decent shooting
on How's your gag reflex?
Twist ending: they all died of aids
on Actual Footage of Oyster Loving The Glory Hole
on Indian Football Commentator
Missed the opportunity to slip her one and blame her mates
on Parental Love
Cunt deserved that for showing off
on Pain Lover
Top marks there for dedication to the job.
on Good Ride
on A DarkEmperor Story
on A DarkEmperor Story
I've shat more brain cells than you were born with
on Gym Bodied Chick
Shirley you meant +1 team shit
on Soy Boy has trouble raising his shitty kids
Lol @ Barret
on World War III
We've all been here. Reading a typical Giggles comment feels like being stabbed in the face
on Nasty!
...off a cliff
on Gym Bodied Chick
Let's not forget +1 team shit
on Gym Bodied Chick
Thicc as shit
on Gym Bodied Chick
I think it's Sharon Horgan.
on Frank Bruno Celebrity Advice Bureau
Tough crowd. I thought some of these were quite good.
on Fail compliation
Classy bird
on Puss-in-Boots
I'd also hospitalise myself in 5 mins
on Not fat....just big boned
Yeah I know it's a bit Facebook. Something for the kiddies...
on Fail compliation
Jeff Bezos
on Ass Explosion
She asked for her ass to be fucked.
on Ass Explosion
Praise Jebus
on Will you be saved, MUHDUHFUCKA?
Eat a pie ya fat slag
on Boned
on Smoking a Ghost Pepper
Riding with your whole posse eh?
on Some people just shouldn't drive
Isn't every Trump supporter full of bull?
on A DarkEmperor Story
on Good Fight
Scary stuff
on Parachute fail
Grassed up by ring.com?
on Stairway to Hell
For science
on Drug Dealers Dream Dumpster!
Fucking pervert
on For all you ass men
Actual footage of Giggles trying to make friends IRL
on Cosplay
I think we all saw this coming
on Sue Nawmy
on Crunchy Munchies
:golf clap:
on Road Rage
on Predatory Lesbian Bitchcraft
Erm yes.
on Breakfast of champions
This is why I refuse to work with rock crushers
on Meat Grinder
on Nigger Abortion
on Sometimes normal is very nice
It's a shame that Hitler isn't remembered for his painting, rather than his fascist empire and mass murder.
on More Hitler! ~ For Our Nazi Themed Extravaganza
Everyone's a critic eh
on Berlin.....November 1991
+1 team piss
on She-inal: the urinal for women
on One less Virgin
Fucking autocorrect
on WWE joke
I call it a draw
on Nigger Vs Pikey!
That's the million dollar question
on Germans.....'nuff said
MTV videos aremorw hardcore these days
on Just Feminist Things
on Rooster joke
I must admit I haven't the balls to try this
on Shitting Balls
on Police Training
Better call an ambulance
on BAMbulance
Is that Dogs?
on God Save the Queen