Muchozucko needs a new sub of whunu... Also added his Muchopedia for shits and giggles.

A long time member of Muchosucko and now Muchozucko, Whunu is an enigma of epic proportions and is regarded as one of the most idiotic and hated individuals on the site. Easily confused and extremely gullible, he will believe anything he is told regardless of how far fetched it may be. When frightened Whunu will crouch in an attempt to make himself appear fierce in order to thwart his assailants. It should be noted that this has never worked out to his advantage though. After the creation of a MuchoSucko room on Tinychat Whunu was lured in and promptly asked to appear via webcam, to which he obliged, only to appear wearing a Halloween mask for which he claimed to use to hide the side affects of his chemo therapy due to his recent diagnosis of cancer. This was later debunked and it was proven that the mask was in fact more pleasant to look at than his odd-shaped fat troll-like face. He claims to be a married U.S. veteran and former police officer (later proven to be a punkass, baton carrying C.O.) Although his wife has never been seen, his chidlren have been observed on webcam in Tinychat eating chicken fingers. His last known whereabouts are a dingy cabin in the vast wilderness of Minnesota surviving on limited internet access and hunting bears with his trusty crossbow for sustenance.

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Mucho User Codedaddy
Submitted on Aug 25, 2017