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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

MuchoZucko.com is a user-driven content aggregate. In stupid speak, that means we post cool shit. Original Content is encouraged. Read the About page if you want history.

What can I do here?

We're like Ebaumsworld or Cracked before they turned totally gay. We also accept porn.

MuchoZucko has a very strong focus on community. Most users look forward to nightly shitposting and random discussions on the newest submissions. We also offer a chatroom for our vets. However, the zenith of user participation is taking on a User Challenge.

What is a User Challenge?

A User Challenge is something you can certifiably do better than anybody else.

Can you drink a beer in less than 3 seconds? Can you eat 40 pizza rolls in 2 minutes? Can you juggle your dildo collection? Are you a sharpshooter? A contortionist? A pool shark?

Then show us! Submit an appropriate picture or video as proof. If someone else takes on your challenge and fails, you are rewarded a title, which will show up next to your username.

Why can't I post pics, videos, or comments?

If you just signed up, you will have to click the special link in the registration email to activate your account. If you are experiencing a problem with that, you can contact an admin to try and sort it out.

If you've already posted a bunch of stuff and suddenly can't - it's possible that our system has determined that you are a faggot and issued a ban.

What are Votes? What are Likes? What are STFUs?

Upvotes and Downvotes are just your way of expressing your thoughts on another user's submission. Votes affect a user's Mucho Rep. If your Rep dips too low, you may receive a mute or a ban while the staff makes sure you aren't a spammy fuck.

Likes are just a show of support for good, smart, or funny comments.

STFUs are a way to show a commenter that they should Shut The Fuck Up. It also gives power to the community to expel those who are not compatible: MuchoZucko keeps a list of all the users who have received a lot of STFUs in the last 24 hours. Admins may review certain users to gather context, then decide whether or not to issue a ban.

Regarding videos and gifs....?

If you have a short video that would work better as a GIF, you can use popular services like Imgur to convert them. If your video is an .AVI or some other bloated shit format, you can use ZamZar or Streamable to convert it to the appropriate file type.

What are posting guidelines?

Whatever the fuck you want, as long as it fits into our categories and it's not against our content policy outlined at the bottom of this page.

This site is NSFW... so what is banned here?

  1. Illicit material with underaged participants. Not only will it get you banned - we will alert the feds and pass along your information.
  2. Any pornographic material that attempts to portray legitimate or "real" rape.
  3. No Doxxing. Many Users in the past have posted their faces, names, or other personal stuff and that's fine. But do not attempt to uncover anything about our anonymous friends, or you will eat a ban.
  4. We do not allow egregious human-on-animal violence. MuchoZucko frowns upon animal cruelty. We allow crazy animal shit as long as it happens in nature or as random acts of god... or documentation of some 3rd-world shithole.

How can I become cool and not a fag?

By posting good content. As your Mucho Rep score grows, you get special badges and more tools to use on the website.
Group Description
Admin Head gayboi in charge.
Vet Can pump and dump submissions, mute dumbasses, and deal with spam.
RepFag 10,000 Rep. Sad fools who want even more validation. They get special stickers for their big swinging dicks. This is the pinnacle of existence on Mucho.
Vet 1,000+ Rep. Vets have special flair, double votes, and access to the Mucho pro tools.
Zucker Standard user with 100+ Rep. Results vary wildly.
Noob New users. They have soft limits on the number of posts they can make.
Banned Annoying, spammy, or melted-down. Cannot post.
Unregistered Haven't activated their account yet. Cannot post.
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