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About MuchoZucko.com


Back in the web 1.0 days of 1999-2003, the internet produced a slurry of prototypical "shock sites" - some for porn, others for violence, and still others for community-driven circlejerking over niché content. Over time, a select few sprang forth into prominence: examples including Ogrish, eFukt, and Ebaumsworld.

Among the very first was the now-defunct MuchoSucko.com - a sort of Reddit but for the unemployed, the ill, the blue collar, and the 4chan rejects. Once a hive of creativity with a strong sense of community, MuchoSucko's cup did floweth over with original content, distinct personalities, and its very own subculture.

However, the hands of time tore it apart as site ownership all but abandoned the project, volunteer staff walked away, and new traffic was slowed to a trickle thanks in large part to virulent malware that appeared in the form of pop-under advertisements. In 2017, one brave faggot and a handful of Mucho's most dedicated veterans launched project Noah's Arc - and created MuchoZucko.com - a web 1.0 shock site built to last.

MuchoZucko Logo

Technical Minutia and Goals

MuchoZucko.com is built on top of contemporary web technology, replete with an Elastic Virtual Server and worldwide Content Delivery Network compliments of Amazon Web Services. The classic Mucho black-and-blue-and-blocky design has been overhauled for this century, and every element of the website is mobile-responsive. We also have a bot working as an auto-moderator, who keeps track of site stats and can be summoned in the comments. Neat!

NSFW websites have a very hard time securing advertiser revenue that isn't dogshit. That's why porn is always plastered with pop-ups and spyware. Really ruins the experience don't it? Well, MuchoZucko's goal is to operate without ad money for the time being. We run a Mucho Pro program, similar to Reddit Gold, that affords users extra tools and cool shit at their disposal for a monthly or yearly contribution of shekels to our jizz jar. This is not required and you may sign up and use Zucko for free. Always.

The site is restarted every Saturday at around midnight PST to perform basic maintenence and in some cases, major upgrades.

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